Apas House

Bed and Breakfast in Portland, Oregon

The Apas House is the most awesome Bed and Breakfast in Portland, Oregon.   We have beautiful, relaxing, earth toned bedrooms with organic breakfast.  We would love to fill your dietary restrictions or preferences, breakfast can be gluten free, paleo, vegan, etc. upon request.  Our vegetables are grown in our organic garden or we get them from a local CSA.  All our meats and eggs are from local, hormone-free, cage-free, organic farms.  We strive to be the most Eco-friendly bed and breakfast, complete with organically made sheets, pillows, and blankets.  Our cleaning products are also earth friendly.

At the Apas House, we use Eco-friendly products and practices.  We have a commitment to safeguarding the environment.

-       We compost our food scraps, bio-gradable containers and recycle everything else.

-       The towels, sheets, linens are all organic cotton.

-       The toilet paper is made from recycled products.

-       The hand and dish soaps are Eco friendly, as are the house’s cleaning products.

-       We strive to buy as much locally made products and foods as possible.

-       Energy efficient light bulbs are found through out the house.

-       We have our own organic vegetable, root, and herbs gardens.

-       Turning off the lights and lowering the heat and air conditioning are everyday practices to reduce our energy usage.

-       Our appliances are energy star certified.

-       Rain barrels collect water for the yard and garden.

-       A percent of our electricity comes from wind energy.

-       The Apas House has an extremely low amount of garbage and in the rare times we do… paper or compostable garbage bags are all we use.

-       The small amount of food in plastic containers are reused as storage containers or recycled.

Images By Photographer: Lisa Skaff.  www.lisaskaff.com